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ecocirc® 19-16 – A Smart Circulator

  • A true variable speed ECM circulator
  • Simple – Rotor/Impeller is the only moving part
  • Effortless “SMART” Heating Circulator for Heating, Cooling, and Potable Water

The ecocirc® 19-16 is a Smart, User-friendly, TRUELY variable speed circulator which is ideally suited for use in heating, cooling, and potable water applications. The onboard intelligence automatically adjusts speed to ensure maximized efficiency and accurate performance. The permanent magnets in the motor eliminate power wastage in magnetizing the rotor. The motor has superior starting torque and energy efficiency when compared with standard induction motor circulators.

Simplicity – The only moving part is the rotor/impeller unit. The shaft, shaft seals and conventional bearing bushings have been eliminated.

3 Smart Operating Modes

  • Proportional Pressure – Continuously adjusts the pump performance according to system demands. No external sensors are required. This mode is recommended for systems with high pressure losses.
  • Constant Pressure – The pump maintains the selected differential pressure at any flow rate. No external sensors are required. This mode is recommended for systems with relatively small pressure losses.
  • Constant Speed – The pump maintains a fixed speed, regardless of demand.

The ecocirc® 19-16 was designed with a super-premium efficiency ECM motor engineered specifically for hydronic heating, cooling, and potable water systems. Electronics are separated from the pump to prevent condensation. Worry free operation from 203°F down to 14°F. Cast Iron or Stainless Steel body with 1” Noryl Check Valve.

Models – Part Numbers
▪ ecocirc 19-16 Cast Iron: 6050B2003
▪ ecocirc 19-16 Stainless Steel: 6050B2004LF

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